Thursday 26 May 2016

Style | The Low Down on Athleisure and How to Rock this Sporty Trend

Ever dream of running errands in your gym clothes? Well that fantasy is now a reality thanks to the acceptance (with enthusiasm, I might add) of the athleisure trend that's sweeping the fashion world. Casual chic in the form of spandex and sneakers is the new go-to day wear that combines the comfort of athletic clothes with the attitude from the fashion world. Whether you’re hitting the gym or just whittling away at your to-do list, I’ve listed three ways that you can rock the latest athleisure trend.

1. Colour is Key

Whether it's a splash of colour you desire, or a more understated allure, choosing the proper hue to fit your mood is important. Neutrals, such as grey, white, black, and tan, convey a sophisticated attitude and will pair well with most unconventional pieces. Colour, on the other hand, is perfect for a spunky splash of neon for some summer fun.

Making it easy for you to love what you wear, Woman Within takes pride in carrying chic gym separates that will have you looking on point when rocking the athleisure trend. Whether whimsical patterned pieces or colour-blocked sports bras and leggings, these are two great ways to add some pop to your look. Neutrals are always great and can be jazzed up by incorporating metallic and shiny fabrics in silver, gold, and bronze.

2. Fit to be Fab

You don't have to be in shape, but ensuring that your athleisure duds conform to you like a second skin is crucial for achieving a sleek appearance. Avoid items that smooth or squish in all the wrong places so that your silhouette is free of lumps and bumps. And don’t be afraid to throw in some loose, flowing pieces either. For some serious inspiration, check out the celeb athleisure coverage from Marie Claire.

Athletic wear can often run small, so make an effort to try on your pieces before you leave the store to ensure a perfect fit. If you’re self-conscious about showing too much tummy, then opt for showing just a sliver in a workout tank as opposed to the entire midsection in a sports bra. Also, make sure those sneakers leave room for foot expansion for when you are sweating it out at the gym.

3. Accessorize Wisely

Even athleisure can use a few finishing touches. Whether it’s through your hairstyle, like donning an ever-so-slightly tousled high bun, or anything else, every detail counts. Other ways to incorporate some strategic accessorising is through your eyewear. We recommend mirrored aviators for a polished look that’s still sporty.

During summer you don’t really want lots of outerwear to weigh you down, so bring in some fun with your bag or through posh-looking fitness jewelry. According to Glamour, Balmain and Nike have teamed up on the athleisure trend and their black and gold-trimmed sneakers and jackets are definitely a gilded look worthy of your wardrobe.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting the low down on the athleisure trend and how to wear these comfy, casual chic duds all day long. Whether you work out—running after kiddos totally counts—or not, this trend is open to every woman. Perfect for those of you who prefer to head out the door in record time, and especially for the busy mom, the fashion world has now made spending the day in your yoga pants perfectly acceptable. It's nothing short of a small victory that I’m hoping sticks around for many years to come.

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