Monday 16 May 2016

funny things my 4 year old says | Father's Day

To say Sienna is opinionated at the moment is an understatement.. everyday she tells me exactly what she wants to wear, do and even buy. She told me earlier 'we absolutely have to go to the shop because I really want to buy a kinder egg'. She's becoming such a little madam and so stubborn.. I have no idea where she gets that from.... ;)

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Tesco recently asked us to get involved with the Tesco Father's Day campaign and do a post asking Sienna about the perfect Father's day gift.

I have asked her numerous times over the past week what she thinks we should get Daddy for Father's day and each day it's been something different. This is what we're apparently going to get and do for Father's Day this year.

Me: 'So, Sienna, what presents should we get Daddy for Father's Day?
Sienna: 'Umm, just a small glass of wine'.
Me: 'Do you think he'd want anything else to go with his wine?'
Sienna: 'Maybe a football magnet?'
Me: 'Any big presents?'
Sienna: 'A new football?'
Me: 'Ok and shall we do anything on Father's day?'
Sienna: 'I know! We can drive to Liverpool and stay in a hotel!'
Me: 'Oh and what can we do the next day?'
Sienna: 'We can have breakfast and dinner and do some colouring and then drive home!'

So there we go.. Sienna has planned the perfect Father's Day for Warren. Needless to say, I don't think we'll get him any of that but I'm sure when we pop to telco she will pick out some things he will love ;)

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