Tuesday 17 May 2016

Relationship | Sex after baby

There's a big taboo about the S word I feel like, especially after you have had babies. Of course, I'm talking about sex. 

It shouldn't be an off topic subject as it's something we all do and we all know it.. I mean, we all have kids and we are definitely not the virgin mary, haha! Warren and I recently did a video for Channel mum about my labours and births and one of the questions was 'Did it put you off sex?' after he said that he watched 'down that end' and to see both babies come out.

His answer was no but I think a lot of people assume that it would put men off and so you don't have sex anymore after kids. Personally, both Warren and I feel that it is an important part of our relationship.. it's something intimate that only we do with each other and helps us feel closer and more connected.

It's definitely harder to find the time or energy after having kids but it hasn't made it any less important to us or our relationship. It's probably made it more important actually as it's probably the only time we get to be together and focus on each other without other distractions. 

Having a baby can change your body though, all the hormones can make things work differently. Sometimes when the bleeding has stopped, you can have a spell of dryness 'down there', so you may need to reach for products you didn't use before. Vagisil's new ProHydrate range relieves intimate dryness so that you can feel comfortable, confident and enjoy intimacy when you want to. The new range is available at Boots and Superdrug, so if you're experiencing intimate dryness and want to feel more connected to your partner, definitely try it out.

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