Wednesday 4 May 2016

Postpartum | What I really looked like

Throughout my pregnancy and labour, I remember wanting to be really honest about my postpartum body as I feel there is lots of pressure to spring back straight away. That was until I got Warren to take a photo of my tummy 3 hours after giving birth. I remember looking at the picture and being horrified and disgusted.. despite what it had been through.

I failed on my mission to stop the pressure as immediately after seeing that picture, I felt the pressure from myself to get rid of my belly as soon as possible.

I nearly deleted the picture but I kept it as I wanted to be brave enough to share it one day. Today is that day, so here it is...

It's not pretty but it is real.
I get messages saying how lucky I am to have sprung back into shape.. I have lost a lot of the weight now and my tummy is much, much flatter but it hasn't been down to luck.. it's been down to hard work and determination. I purposely didn't do a postpartum update until one week as I wanted to get my tummy back down before sharing it as I thought people would judge me. I regret that now as I feel like it makes me add to the pressure of losing the baby weight and being photographed with a flat tummy.

I don't want people thinking it's been really easy for me and I had no weight to lose. I had a jiggly overhang covered in stretch marks like most other woman who have just given birth.

We need to stop with the comparing and start appreciating and loving our bodies for what they've been through and what they've given us. I'd rather have my body as it is today and my girls by my side than the other way around.

So instead of looking in the mirror and feeling fat and disgusting, I need to look at my girls and feel lucky and proud. And you should too.

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