Tuesday 31 May 2016

Postpartum | health/fitness update #3

I'm now 3 and a half months post partum and things are going in the right direction. I am feeling more like my old self and more comfortable in my regular 'pre-pregnancy' clothes. I'm also feeling more toned and my fitness levels are improving which is great! I think you can definitely tell in the pictures I have lost a good bit of weight since I started!

Here's my workout log since the last time I updated you:

10th & 11th May- I had a migraine :(

15th- 4.5 mile walk (at the beach)
17th- Made up my own routine holding Aria.. squats, bulgarian split squats, bridges, deadliest etc just 2 sets of 10 reps

19th- Tone it up 7 min HIIT x 3 rounds
24th- 30 min walk pushing Sienna in pushchair & wearing Aria in wrap, 1 round of Anna Saccone's summer workout

29th- 3 rounds of Anna Saccone's summer workout
30th- 4km walk carrying Aria

I have been trying out a few new products, the first being these Coldpress juices.  I try to always go for cold pressed juices when I'm buying as they're generally better for you. "Put simply, we ‘cold press’ our fruit and vegetables without any heat. Which means our juices and smoothies preserve substantially more of the taste and essential nutrients lost in traditional pasteurisation whilst also preserving their freshness for an amazing 6-months!". With Coldpress, you get over twice the amount of nutrients as pasteurised juices. 

Not only do these taste really good, they're a fab way of getting nutrients in when your busy and they have less sugar than most other brands. I have been adding one to a quick lunch of scrambled eggs or having as a snack when I haven't got time to prepare anything. Sienna also loves them which is great. 

I've also been trying out some products from HECK. HECK produce tasty, flavoursome healthy sausages and other products. We were sent a range of their meat products and also vegetarian products. 

These chicken italia were one of our favourites.. We had them with pasta a garlic sauce and it was so delicious. They are much lower fat and healthier than pork sausages so swapping to these has helped my pasta not be so calorific! They had quite a subtle taste, not too overpowering and had the similar texture of a regular sausage. I could definitely switch to these all the time! 

I also loved the 'nuts about cheese' vegetarian sausages. They had a good texture, a bit coarser than a regular sausage but the flavour was amazing. The main flavours I got were the cheese and a slight onion taste.. they reminded me of cheese and onion sausage rolls! I had them onto of a salad and it was a yummy way to add some protein from the nuts and flavour to it. I highly recommend checking this brand out! 

I'm also trying to add more protein into my diet as well so I had an amazing package from the good guru. I found myself really toned when I used to drink protein shakes so I wanted to go down that route again and this brand are fab. The chocolate protein is so delicious just with water and the vanilla is good too! I use the vanilla to make some brownie bites and they taste so sweet yet are full of protein too. 

The oats and berries sachets are so handy for me as well. I love porridge but I do normally worry it doesn't have enough protein in it so this is just the perfect solution! It's also quick 7 easy in the mornings; just adding hot water and it tastes good too!

I featured some of these products in my recent 'What I eat in a day' video:

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