Monday 9 May 2016

Postpartum | health/fitness update #2

(taken yesterday morning, 11 and a half weeks post partum!)

 It's been a few weeks since I did my last update and I have continued to lose weight and finally got back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. pair! My size 8s fit but the size 6 pair are still way off fitting but for 11 weeks postpartum I'm not too bothered. 

I've really been trying to focus on cleaner eating although I'm still getting so hungry and such bad cravings for chocolate.. it must be hormones or something?!

I've tried to step up my fitness so that I'm kind of balancing the bad things I'm eating but I'm pretty exhausted most of the time. We've also had a few days in Liverpool where I haven't done any workouts but I tried to make up for the week before.

Here's my workout log:

April 16th- Fun indoor cardioFat burning ladder
18th- Fat burning cardio (Aria needed me so cut short)
19th- Quick sweat fat burning circuit x2Killer legs challengeSkinny leggings workout,   
20th- 30 min walk, Quick burn arms,

21st- Kettletoning (with 4kg) (only got to 24 mins before abs portion, Aria wouldn't sleep)
23rd- Bikini kettlebell (with 8/5 kg)

25th- Mermaid workout,
28th- 20 min walk, Burn it up HIIT (modified abs section to standing abs), 5 min fat burner,
29th- Skinny leggings workoutbikini arms

May 4th- 25 min weighted cardio using range of different weights

I'm definitely feeling my fitness increase, I feel like I can do the HIIT routine's I used to do, woo! In terms of clothing, I'm loving wearing my new workout tops and my new sports bra. This is from Cake Maternity and is the lemon zest sports bra. It fits really well, is comfortable and is so much easier for me as sometimes I have to stop halfway through my workouts to feed Aria, so having the clip down nursing bit is perfect. I love the bright colours of it too!

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