Thursday 19 May 2016

Post partum | How to look great in a bikini after having a baby

It’s time to start going bikini shopping for our summer holiday, but we can often feel worried about how we look after having a baby. Here’s how to feel and look great in a bikini after having a baby.

Embrace your curves

Your body has done an amazing thing and you should be proud. But it can often leave you with curves that you didn’t have before. You should embrace your curves while you’re in your bikini. You likely have bigger breasts than before so choose a great bikini top which highlights your fabulous new size. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by how you look now because your bloke loves you, and your baby is happy and healthy which is all that matters.

Eat healthy and tone up

You may feel like you want to lose some of that excess weight which is still sitting around your belly after pregnancy before putting on a bikini. The best way to do this is to eat healthier. Cut back on high fats foods which are causing you to look more bloated. As this article reveals, you should add delicious, healthy foods such as salmon and greek yogurt to your diet. Once you start eating healthier, you will lose some weight and feel happier in your bikini. You can also start exercising more before the upcoming holiday. You may want to start running once a day while a family member looks after the baby or perhaps you could join an exercise class. It will help you to lose that pesky belly fat as well as help to tone your legs. Pilates and yoga are also good to do for helping you to wear your bikini with confidence. You can even find yoga classes where you can go along with your baby.

Drink water

If you want to look great in a bikini after having a baby you should be drinking more water. Not only can drinking water help you to lose weight, but it’s also good to keep your body hydrated. Your skin would have got worse during pregnancy, so drinking more can help to stop outbreaks on your skin. It will ensure you are looking fabulous in your bikini. The recommended amount of water you should have every day is two litres. And remember to drink a lot of water when you get to the beach, as you can easily become dehydrated in the sun.

Shave body hair

Another way you can get bikini body ready is to shave your body hair. During pregnancy, one downfall is the excess hair you can get all over your body. You don’t want body hair to be seen when you have your bikini on as it will make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you should get shaving or wax the areas where you have the most hair. You may want to go for laser hair removal at clinics such as the Lazeo Clinic. It can only be done on growing hair, and is an effective way of removing hair for a longer period.

Remember that everybody feels self-conscious in a bikini after having a baby. Check out these flattering swimsuits if you don’t feel brave enough to wear a bikini!

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