Thursday 19 May 2016

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I've recently done a little garden makeover and wanted to share it with you. Since we've lived here, I've either been pregnant and had no energy or had a newborn a had no time to sort it out. The garden pretty much became a dumping ground and when the weather started getting better, I wanted to be able to sit out there and let Sienna play.

I started by chucking old broken bits away and getting rid of all the weeds in the gravel. I'm not much of a gardener but I did enjoy it actually and it made the place looked so much better with just that. Sienna helped me do this and loved it too, she loved looking at all the insects and things we found. We found 2 newts, a millipede and a toad! And of course lots of spiders and woodlouse. 

As a seating area, I chose this bistro set from the homebase garden furniture range. I love the coral colour, it's so bright and is perfect for Summer. This little set is perfect for our patio as it isn't very big, this fits great in the corner and was really easy to put together. The chairs also fold down for storage which is great. I also love how the table legs are extendable, it means you should never have a wobbly table, haha! This set was so affordable as well and it also comes in an aqua colour if you'd prefer that. 

As it is metal, I wanted some cushions for them so they're a bit more comfortable and these are perfect. They're the Layla Faye cushions from Brewers home and aren't they gorgeous?! I opted for the 'flower waves' cushion, one in powder blue and one in the olive colour. I love the contrast of those two colours with the coral of the table and the pattern is so retro. They're such amazing quality too,  they have a duck feather pad so are really heavy and hold their shape and the covers are 100% cotton. They feel really luxurious, I'm tempted to get a few more for my sofa in the living room!

The yellow led lamp on the table is from dotcomgiftshop and I love how it looks. It adds to that retro feel I am going for and adds yet another colour!

I also got this sign made for us which is so cute! It's a personalised metal garden sign from Delightful Living and their service was amazing! Considering it was personalised, I thought it would take at least a week if not two but it arrived in a few days, it was packaged beautifully as well. As you can see, I got 'The conway's garden' on it.. I'm not a Conway yet but I will be in 5 months time.. eek! For reference. I got the personalisation in the french grey colour and opted for the suede to hang it with. I love it and think it's the perfect addition to our garden!

The bunting is also from Rex London.. it is paper bunting so can only be out when it's sunny but that's ok! I got the Summer meadow print, I just love it! The floral print and colours screams sunshine and summer.

I''m so happy with our little space and we've been enjoying it when the sun is out. I can sit in the sun and drink my coffee (or most likely feed Aria) while Sienna plays. She's been loving her water gun and drawing with chalk on the patio! Now I just need to sort out the other end of it!

What do you think of my little garden makeover?

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