Tuesday 24 May 2016

Delightful ways to relax and fill the spare time

There is no doubt that taking care of a new born is a 24/7 job. Sometimes you may feel physically or emotionally depleted because of which the need of finding some spare time for yourself gets overwhelming. So just make a pact with yourself, so that you can take some time off with no more mom guilt. This will revitalize your mind and body to help you take care of your baby.

Following are some delightful ways of spending your spare time:

Be sociable:

Socializing has always been an integral way of keeping moms happy. It is usually very difficult for moms to have an active social life specially with a new born baby. Fortunately, with the emergence of technology and explosion of online bingo you can do the same right from your comforts. You can not only interact and make friends with other like minded people but you can also indulge in a social game at the amazing site called www.newlookbingo.com.

Love your hobby:

No matter what, you should never stop doing what you like. You can give a break due to obvious reasons but should always get back to it as life permits. I am more of a artsy kind. Sketching or painting takes my mind off from all my worries at the same time energizes and motivates me for the rest of the day.

Look at photographs:

This is something which equally appeals to me as the previous mentioned point. Looking at my family photographs and reliving the moments of the past will never bore me. Instead I feel lucky and relieved to own such a wonderful family. 

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