Sunday 22 May 2016

Aria | 3 month update

My little baby is 3 months and growing so fast, it's crazy! She has definitely changed over the last month and is really interacting more. She is always smiling, cooing and blowing bubbles. When she recognises something or someone, she gives the biggest smiles, particularly to me. She's also mastered giggling and it melts my heart.

This update is  bait late because she's just gone through her 3rd leap which has been the worst one yet. She was cluster feeding every night, awake every 45 minutes to an hour and I was just tired and getting fed up. Luckily it has stopped and we got through it! When she isn't leaping, she will go from about 11 until 3:30 which isn't too bad! One night she even slept until 5:30.. it hasn't happened since though.

She's outgrown her Grosnug pretty much so she's now moved onto Gro bags. How cute are these prints?! We have the kissing rabbits and the little dear.

She's really grabbing things now and loves her playmat even more now she can grab the toys on it. She has also found her toes which is so cute.

She's also now using her new pushchair, the Nuna Pepp Luxx and she seems to love it! She's so nosey and likes sitting up as opposed to laying down so she much prefers this over her carrycot pushchair. I will get round to doing the full review of it soon!

When we had her weighs at 12 weeks, she was weighing in at 11lb 14oz and was 63cm long. She's now in 3-6 month clothing and fill it out length wise! She's also now in size 3 nappies but they are still a bit big. 

I also think she has started teething, sometimes she screams and it sounds like she is in pain. Nothing settles her apart from teething granules and biting down on my finger so I have guessed it must be teething! I use the Nelsons Teetha granules as they can be used at any age. I find they really help calm her and soothe her gums, plus they are homeopathic which is great!

I love this age and love watching her character and personality unfold!

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