Friday 1 April 2016

Things I'm loving Friday

I've been really loving a few things lately so wanted to share them in a post as I love other people's posts like this! Let me know if you like them and I can do them more regularly.

I'm still totally loving the polka dot wall stickers I put in the girls rooms, I can't believe the difference they have made. I feel like it's totally transformed them. I got these ones from Amazon.. they were so cheap compared to others I had been looking at and are great colours and sizes!

I recently got this new monochrome jacket from Damart, I love the pattern and length, it will be perfect for Spring and you can dress it up and down.

I am so happy that I am working out again! It feels so good, like I'm back to the old me.. only heavier & more unfit than ever! I have been working out when I get a spare 5 minutes instead of playing mobile bingo. Project 'wedding body' has begun so I'm trying to be quite good and consistent with workouts & eating. I am documenting my progress with pictures and keep track of my workouts so I will be doing some posts on it when I have completed a few weeks! 

Of course the main thing I'm loving are these baby smiles! Soo bloody cute I can't get enough! As you can see, this was in the bath.. she loves the bath just like Sienna! Little water babies!

What are you loving?

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