Friday 15 April 2016

Perfect holiday destinations for families with under 4s

Now that I have two children to think about, and a wedding to look forward to, it’s natural to think about the future ahead. A family holiday is something me and my family would love to experience. But, of course, with two young children, one of which hasn’t long been in the world, it’s natural to think about where we could go.

I want to consider all of the options. When we do go away as a family abroad, it needs to be the perfect destination. So I thought I would share with you some holiday destinations worth considering when travelling with young children.



The Balearic islands are only a few short hours away on a plane. Majorca in particular would be a great destination to consider. With gorgeous sandy beaches and beautiful weather there are plenty of places to consider. There are some great hotels to consider that will be perfect for young families.


It’s only a further few hours away from mainland Europe but the Canary Islands can be a great choice for a family holiday. These days you can get cheap holidays in Lanzarote that can suit the whole family. There are plenty of options to consider when heading to Lanzarote. With a young family, it might be thinking about renting out a villa for the holiday duration. This gives you your own space to settle in to. A home from home. Most Villa’s come with a pool and terrace area meaning you get the luxury of privacy. Or there are plenty of big chain hotels which offer excellent facilities for young families.



Normandy is a region of Northern France and isn’t too far away at all. You could easily get there by ferry or car leaving it as an alternative destination to consider. It is well known for its rugged countryside and coastline meaning it would offer a young family different activities to get involved in. Rich in history it could provide the perfect holiday backdrop for an escape away with a young family.


If you are looking for a family holiday with a difference then why not consider a city break instead? A holiday in Bruges could be just what we are looking for. With lot’s to see and do you would be spoilt for choice. The kids can marvel at the medieval buildings. Then when they decide to let you have a bit of adult time, you could escape to one of the many cafes and enjoy a coffee while people watching.



Finally, another great destination to consider when travelling with a young family is Cyprus. While it is the furthest away travel wise, it isn’t that much further on the plane than the Canary Islands. Leaving it as a viable choice. With great weather for most of the year and perfect destinations to consider it could be a perfect choice.

I hope these destinations offer some advice for picking a destination when travelling with a young family.

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