Friday 29 April 2016

Lyfeline milestones app

There's a new parenting app on the block, Lyfeline, that enables parents to analyze, track, and promote their child's development through their smartphone. It is recommended for parents with children aged up to 5 years old and has been developed with paediatricians from Stanford and USCF.

When you first install the app and set it up, it asks for baby's name and date of birth, as well as if they were 3 weeks or more premature. It then goes on to an assessment of baby's reactions so it can analyse it and give you a rough estimation of wether your child is on track for their age. 

To create the developmental age, there is 5 categories it uses.. Gross motor, Fine motor, Self help, Language and Social. The app is free to download originally and the self help and language categories are free but to access the others, you do need to go premium which you can buy monthly for $4.99 or yearly for $42.99.

As well as assessing where your baby is at, there are also 'challenges' that help you connect with your baby or teach them to learn (see example below of baby massage) and quizzes and general information so that you can learn more about parenting in general and gain more knowledge. You can get 'parent points' for each of these which capture your efforts in helping to improve your child's development.

Having had a go with this app, I think it's brilliant! I love to keep check on the progress of my children and I like to do everything I can to help them develop so I have been really enjoying the challenges and reading more about how they learn and grow. 

The modern way of being a app is perfect for me as well.. I much prefer it to reading books and I always have my hand to phone so is super convenient. I think it's a brilliant app for all parents to have, especially new parents! 

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