Friday 22 April 2016

Parenting | Is 'iParenting' ruining our kids childhood?

I feel like there's a lot of pressure on parents these days to not give children too much screen time for fear it will ruin their imagination.. it's a daily struggle for me and I instantly feel guilty if I turn to 'iParenting' AKA the dreaded 'egg surprise' on my iPhone to occupy Sienna. 

This news story explored wether children these days are missing out on a 'proper' childhood due to technology after My Voucher Codes carried our a survey about it, and it got Warren and I discussing it. 

Personally, we feel it depends on how you use it and for how long for. Yes, I will admit that sometimes I plonk Sienna in front of egg surprise to just give me a half an hour break but that is to save my sanity and it isn't a regular occurrence. We also love to snuggle in bed on a Sunday morning and watch a few films but to us this is precious family time and is adding to the memories and imagination, not ruining it.

If it was all day everyday and she wasn't doing any other activities, then I would probably say it was having a negative impact on her childhood.. but when we've been for a walk to the park, the cafe for lunch, then outside playing with her dolls, I don't think an hour of quiet time with the iPhone can do much harm. 

We also see how much she loves it and to deny her of something she loves so much all the time is hard... a little bit of what we fancy is good for the soul, right?

I also think it depends on what type of child you have.. even though Sienna loves watching things on YouTube and her Disney films.. you don't have to ask her twice if she wants to go to the park or outside on her scooter and she rarely needs encouraging to go and play in her room with her toys, so personally, I feel like it's all about balance and I feel we have it right (just about). 

She isn't dependant on technology to keep her occupied.. her imagination is still very much wild and we are still very much creating special childhood memories!

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