Tuesday 26 April 2016

New baby gifts for friends & family

Even before your bundle of joy is born you’re showered with gifts and advice from friends and family all willing to share their words of wisdom and make your journey as stress free as possible. And this doesn’t stop when the baby is here either, more gifts, more advice and even more moral support to see you through the trials and tribulations of those first chaotic months. 

But after you’re settled into a routine and the calm has been restored you may be thinking about ways you can thank your nearest and dearest for all the help they have given you. 
Whether it’s a token of appreciation or a memento that can help them to remember the new bundle of joy, the below are gifts that can help you add a personal touch to your gift giving. 

Photo Boxes 
There’s nothing cuter than new-born photo shoot to help you remember when they could fit into your arms without so much as a wiggle. 
So if you’ve arranged to capture this precious moment ensure to share it with your friends and family as well. 
Whether you turn them into adorable thank you cards with personal messages, or send them in photo boxes such as these so they can keep them treasured for years to come.
Physical photos are something we’ve all forgotten during our online lives, but they can really make a difference when they’re sent with purpose and thought.  

Iced Biscuits
Whether you decide to make your own or purchase them from a specialist bakery, personalised biscuits have been littering Pinterest as the latest and tastiest way to say thank you. 
If you’re making your own there are now so really hand online tutorials such as this one, which can give you all the tips and tricks on how to make them look ‘Instagram-worthy’. 
Choose a special quote that holds a lot of meaning or just a simple thank you, will help you to put your thanks across in the sweetest and most thoughtful way. 

Engraved and personalised candles are ideal for those who are house proud, and with the option to pick scents that are unique to their taste or style, you can gift something that they will enjoy having in their home. 
Just make sure to include a thank you note and some matches and you’ll have sent a well thought out gift that will not only light up their home but light up their faces when they see it. 

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to say thank you, as it’s always the thought that counts. So if your bank balance won’t allow it, get creative instead and they’ll still be bowled over with appreciation when they receive it. 

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