Saturday 2 April 2016

Gifts | Warren's birthday ideas

It's Warren's birthday coming up this month and I have no idea what to get him as usual! I find buying  presents for people so hard, particularly men. He never gives me any ideas really either.. this year he has just said put some money in the wedding fund but I feel really bad doing that! I feel like I need to at least get him something from the girls!

Here's a few ideas I have come up with after racking my brains and trying not to check out bingo sites instead!

warrens birthday wish list

-A watch from Watches of Switzerland
-A Jack Wills wallet
-Laptop bag from ASOS
-Football bits from Sports direct

I want to get him something a bit more special from the girls as it's his first birthday being Daddy to two daughters but I'm unsure on what. I found this engraved message bracelet which I really like but he's never worn anything like that so I don't know if he'd like it or wear it. I might have to try and subtly get his opinion on them or something. I will keep looking and see what I find but I am struggling!

Any ideas?

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