Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Breastfeeding | The best products

We've been exclusively, successfully breastfeeding now for nearly 7 weeks which I am really proud of. I've been using various different products and a few have really stood out to me so I wanted to share them.

Nursing tops

I personally find specific nursing tops much easier to use when out and about in public instead of having to layer tops and pull one up and one down and squeeze your boob out between them. When you have to pull your top up it is clearly obvious you are nursing.. I like it to look like I am just cuddling my baby as to not draw attention to myself in restaurants or on park benches. My favourite nursing tops have been one from Angel maternity, my cheapy ones I got from Purpless and my Seraphine one I got yonks ago.

Breastpump/bottles/nipple cream

Aria has had a bottle twice now, mainly so Warren and Sienna can join in feeding her.. Warren wasn't used to the lack of involvement this time round after bottle feeding Sienna and was/is finding it hard. To express my milk I have been using the Lansinoh double electric breast pump and it has been working so well. It did take me and my body some time to get used to it.. at first I got about 2 drops of the liquid gold and felt disheartened but I kept trying and now I can easily get 5 ounces from both boobs if I pump both at the same time. Success! The pump is so easy to use and set up, it has clear buttons and instructions and is easy to clean and sterilise. I'm hoping to be able to pump a bit more now my supply should be more established and I will start freezing some in the storage bags.

The bottles are also great and Aria took to them immediately thanks to the Natural Wave teat that has been designed specifically for breastfeeding babies. They also have the Air Ventilation System that reduces intake of air, a potential cause of colic which is brilliant. I know I already mentioned it in my last breast-feeding post but the Lanolin cream is a must have too!

To sterilise the bottles and all my breast pump bits and bobs, I have been using the Tommee Tippee microwave steam steriliser and it's been working perfectly. It fits everything in and it only takes 5 minutes to sterilise (time differs depending on your microwave) which is brilliant. It also keeps everything sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid isn't opened so I can sterilise it all at night and it's ready to go in the morning for a pumping session. 

Nursing cover

Even though I have nursing tops, I love the Mikscarf for that extra bit of coverage when feeding in public or in front of someone like your Grandad or Father-in-law (that always feels awkward!). I've done a more in depth review here but had to include it again as it is so fab. It does look pretty obvious that you are feeding with this but at least you can be sure no-one will see your nips so they shouldn't be bothered!

Here it is in action when we had our day out at the zoo!

Let me know your favourites when it comes to breastfeeding products!

PS.. Any tips on what to do while feeding during the night to keep you awake? I like to play bingo and games but I find myself falling asleep! 

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