Saturday 23 April 2016

7 foods you didn't realise were damaging your teeth!

Let’s face it, the majority of us would love to be slimmer, more beautiful and have a brighter, whiter smile. But did you know, in your bid to get healthy and shed those pounds, you may be unintentionally damaging your teeth? 
Here are 7 foods and drinks you don’t realise are harming your teeth:


Is Prosecco your drink of choice on a night out? Well, why not? It’s the fashionable drink of choice at the moment, it’s cheaper than champagne and it has all the sweet taste in just 80 calories per flute. But, you may be surprised to learn these glorious bubbles are riddled with sugar. 
The average flute of Prosecco holds one teaspoon of sugar. Admittedly, this is still a lot less than soft drinks, however it can still increase your chances of tooth decay. The pretty bubbles are also harmful. With high levels of acidic carbon dioxide, they can erode tooth enamel and make your teeth prone to decay. 


You’d be forgiven for thinking an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about the dentist? Apples are highly acidic and are hard for your gnashers to bite through, therefore they are hard on the enamel on your teeth. Make sure to swill your mouth out with water or mouth wash after eating one. 


Another healthy alternative, assuming it’s not laden with sticky toffee, this soft treat often gets stuck in your teeth which can cause a build-up of bacteria. We’d recommend brushing your teeth after enjoying your next bowl with a movie. 


Yes, the deliciously tasting temptress that ruins many a healthy eating diet could be bad for your teeth too! You may be surprised to learn it contains a lot of sugar and even added sweeteners in some cases. And bagels are the worst for this! Cut down the amount of bread you eat wherever possible. 

Salad Dressing

Be extremely weary of salad dressings. One particular fast food chain’s kale salad with dressing has more calories, fat and salt than a large burger! With vinegar and sugar the major flavour components, these sauces may be tasty, but they can do some real damage to your teeth.

Citrus Fruits 

You’ve probably seen that water and fruit diffusers are becoming a popular health-conscious purchase, but if you decide to make a similar buy, make sure not to use citrus fruits like lemons and limes. Even a slice or two in your water can break down the enamel on your teeth with time.  

Diet Drinks

So, we’ve already talked about an alcoholic beverage, but what about this soft alternative? Well, despite being the ‘diet’ option, these carbonated drinks are highly acidic. Yet another no-no for your teeth we’re afraid. 

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