Friday 22 April 2016

5 body parts that give away your true age

Botox is now the norm for many men and women, and few are shocked to hear a friend has had a non-invasive procedure in order to turn back the hands of time and look their best for longer. However, if you are a fan of the result Botox gives you (and the compliments that come with it), you should be aware that other parts of your body may be giving away your true age.

The Back of Your Hands
If you want to know a person’s true age, look at their hands. Why? Well, many people will moisturise, plump-up or freeze their face, but never think about their body part that sees the most wear and tear. 
If a 20 year old pinched the skin on the back of their hand it would spring back into shape as soon as it was let go, showing no trace. However, the older we get, the less elastic our skin becomes. This results in our skin taking longer to go back into place and it marking more easily. 
As well as this, exposure to the elements will result in age spots appearing on the back of the hands, skin will be looser and veins may become even more prominent. 

Your Nails
As you age, your nails don’t grow as quickly as before. This can cause irregularities in your nails, such as ridges and staining, or even cause them to become brittle. This can be hidden to some extent using nail strengthener and nail varnishes, but is quite obvious on the bare nail. 
Your Jowls and Neck
You often hear about skin wrinkling, but have you ever thought about sagging? When facial skin on the neck and jawline begins to sag it causes jowls. These can quite literally change the shape of your face as you age and it’s all thanks to loss of collagen and elastin, plus our good old friend – gravity. 
Your Teeth
As you age your teeth may become worn down, stained and discoloured, and more sensitive to certain foods and drinks. That means it is even more important to take great care of them. 
Brushing twice daily, using mouthwash and floss should all be a part of your regular routine. And if you would like a little restorative work to bring back your gnashers’ whiteness, there’s always teeth whitening treatments.
Your Lips 
Last but not least is the most sensual part of your face – your lips. One of the first signs of aging may appear as early as a woman’s twenties and that is the gradual thinning of the upper lip. Like with your skin, your lips lose their youthful fullness. You may also notice puckering above your top lip and some small lines appearing in the corners. 
Of course, this can be reversed using cleverly placed lip fillers by an experienced aesthetics practitioner. 

Your Anti-Aging Checklist
So, here it is, your aging checklist. Here are the 5 body parts that give away your true age:
  1. The backs of your hands 
  2. Your nails 
  3. Your jowls and neck
  4. Your teeth
  5. Your lips 

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