Thursday 3 March 2016

Review | Kiddy Smartfix carseat

We were recently lucky enough to receive the Smartfix carseat from Kiddy to review with Sienna. The Kiddy Smartfix is a unique carseat as it is designed for the width, depth and height to be easily adjusted to grow with your child, no matter what their age. 

Kiddy Smartfix carseat
Kiddy Smartfix carseat

This carseat is designed for 3 to 12 years old or a weight of 15-36kg. During these years, a child will grow around 4 to 5 centimetres per year..with 14 unique height & width adjustments and 3 leg support setting, the Smartfix offers a perfect fit every time. The seat can expand to become 9cm wider, 15cm taller and 6cm deeper. 

Kiddy Smartfix carseat

It connects by ISOFIX but it also has a retraction mechanism to retract the connectors into the seat, meaning it can also be used in a car that doesn't have the ISOFIX system which is brilliant. My car doesn't have the ISOFIX but Warren's does and I love how we can use this in both cars instead of needing two separate seats. The seat is really easy to use with & without the ISOFIX.

Kiddy Smartfix carseat

The Smartfix also offers optimised side impact protection so it makes the head and shoulder protection even better. I was really impressed with the amount of protection and support there is around Sienna's top half.. much better than her last carseat. 

Kiddy Smartfix carseat

Another safety feature is that it has the patented Kiddy Shock Absorber which is a new geometric design. This means it reduces the force created upon impact in a head collision so the seatbelt is pulled taut and the energy created is absorbed by the materials inside.

This carseat comes in a range if different colours (of course Sienna chose pink) and they can also be removed and washed at 30 degrees if needed. It retails for around £189.99 which I think is great considering the amount of protection it offers and the fact it grows with your child over the years. 

I feel much happier now that Sienna is in this carseat knowing how much protection it offers so I would highly recommend it! 

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