Tuesday 29 March 2016

Family | Easter 2016

My Easter bunnies, so so cute! <3 p="">

Wasn't it nice to have 4 family days? We loved it! I hope you all had a lovely Easter & long weekend and didn't eat too much chocolate.. I say as I tuck into a box of Thorntons.. whoops! Here's a little round up of what we got up too!

Friday we had a lazy morning & then we actually went to pick up our wedding rings! Not very eastery but so exciting! Both of ours fit and we still love them which is good! I can't wait to wear it.. only 6 months to go! I know I still need to do a wedding video update but I know it will be super long so I'm waiting until I have the time! We still have a few things to sort out so I have been using Venuefinder's event suppliers search, it's so handy!

On Saturday, Warren had football so the girls and I stayed home and did Easter crafts. Sienna made her Easter bonnet which turned out so well! Late afternoon, we went to Warren's mum for an Easter roast lamb (that was delicious)..Warren met us there after football & his sister & her boyfriend are down too so that was lovely! I got Warren's mum & my mum a cute Easter bouquet instead of chocolate, I love the little bunny!

Sunday was of course the big day! The girls got their baskets and Sienna was very excited. I opened Aria's with her, it was so cute! I can't wait for next year when she can open it herself! We had a bit of a lazy day after that until we went to my mums in the evening again for a little Easter tea party with some of my other family. I ate way too much as always but it was lovely! Aria also had some bonding time with Daddy and gave him the biggest smiles, it was so adorable! 

Today is another lazy/cleaning day.. we seem to have a lot of those lately!

And now that Easter is over, I will be trying to satisfy my sweet tooth with this new Cappuccino truffle Yankee Candle! It smells AMAZING and is from their Easter collection, you can still get your hands on it if you want! 

Here's the vlog of our Easter..

How was your long weekend? 

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