Friday, 19 February 2016

Sienna's words #6

I haven't done one of these for ages due to being pregnant and just forgetting or feeling ill! I'm a bit sad as I'm sure I have missed so many funny things she's said.. but I have clocked a few things this week so thought I'd try and keep track of them again as she is always making us laugh.


'Mummy, the baby is taking ages to come out. Can we go in labour now?'


Me: 'Sienna, come on we need to go downstairs and get breakfast now'

Si: 'Hang on Mummy, I'm just looking at how beautiful I am in the mirror'

*2 minutes later*

Si: 'Ok we can go down now, I got the job done'


Me: 'Mummy and Daddy have a wedding meeting today to sort the flowers out'

Si: 'Well that's unusual isn't it.. you don't normally have meetings about flowers!'


'So Daddy, when is this baby coming out then?!'


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