Tuesday 23 February 2016

'Push present' wishlist


The giving of push presents is becoming more and more popular.. pushing a baby out is such hard work, most definitely the hardest, most painful experience I have ever had so is it wrong to expect a nice present afterwards? I don't think so although I definitely don't/didn't expect anything or ask for anything!

However, if I were to ask for something really designer or luxury, it would be one of those 3 above. I have been lusting after all 3 for years however I know I will probably never own any of them, haha!

This gorgeous watch is a preowned omega watch and it's so gorgeous! I love the classic look of it and the vintage brown strap. I feel like it's definitely a 'grown up' watch.. the kind you would have and wear for years and years and then pass down to your children.

The shoes are the famous Valentino rockstuds in nude. I just absolutely love these and have done ever since I set eyes on them. I think they're unique and different but still a flattering, elegant shoe that would go with a lot of outfits! I will probably have to settle for some eBay copycats though!

Lastly, who doesn't want a Mulberry? I would love any Mulberry bag to be honest however I do love the cross-body bags. It would be a special bag I used for nights out and special occasions when I don't have to lug half the world round with me for the girls!

Did you get a push present? What was it?

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