Tuesday 9 February 2016

Pregnancy | What's in my hospital bag?

packing hospital bag

I thought it was about time I got round to properly packing my hospital bag now we are on the 2 week count down! I finally did it this morning so thought I'd share what I've packed as a few people have asked for it.

packing hospital bag

Of course, I am taking my wash bag with all the essentials in like shower gel and shampoo. I am also taking nursing pads, Lansinoh lanolin cream and Arnica tablets. I swore by these with Sienna as I never had that 'hit by a bus' feeling everyone told me about so it definitely helped with the bruising and pain! 

packing hospital bag

Probably the main essentials.. maternity pads and disposable knickers! 

packing hospital bag

I have my tunic that I gave birth to Sienna in as I wanted to wear the same thing, old underwear, a pair of socks and my gorgeous Mamamoosh maternity pyjamas and matching cardigan. 

belly bandit
BFF belly bandit

I'm taking my BFF belly bandit to put on straight after delivery. I'm so excited to use this and do a before and after, I have heard such great results from it so I'm hoping it will help my tummy go back down. I'm also taking my Mother Tucker leggings to wear home with a baggy top/jumper, these also help compress the tummy area so together with the Belly Bandit I'm hoping for a nice flat tummy soon! haha! 

packing hospital bag

Lastly, I am taking my new Bravado Designs nursing bra. This is in the gorgeous White blush colour so adds a little girlie twist compared to boring white nursing bras! It's also seamless for ultimate comfort but gives great support at the same time. It features cups that fully drop away so is perfect for breastfeeding but also moulds itself too mums changing shape, so it can be used as a regular bra too. I have already worn this a few times and it is definitely one of the most comfortable nursing bras I own so I would highly recommend it! 

I will try to remember to pack my slippers too and also grab my make-up! I will also make sure I grab things like the camera and a phone charger before we go as well! 

Have I missed anything else?

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