Tuesday 16 February 2016

Pregnancy | Third trimester must haves

As I'm approaching my due date I thought it was time to share my third trimester must haves! As like with the other trimesters, there has been a few products I haven't been able to live without and I always find it helpful to see what other people have been using.

third trimester must haves

My number one 'items' have been my Mamamoosh nursing pyjamas and robe.. I really cannot explain how comfortable these are for a heavily pregnant mama! Every detail has been designed with a pregnant with in mind so they just fit perfectly and are so comfortable. The waist band doesn't dig in as it only has elastic in the back, the support for the boob area is great and the material is so soft it doesn't irritate my already itchy skin. I have literally been living in them and I'm sad they're now out of bounds as they are a firmly in my hospital bag!

I have also had to swap my Seraphine maternity jeans for my Belly bandit leggings most days. Now my bump is so big, the jeans are getting the tiniest bit uncomfortable right under my bump, it digs in when I sit down so I have been favouring my leggings, especially for lazy days!

I have swapped Gaviscon for Rennie tablets as my heartburn has been SO bad and someone told me that the Rennie chews work better and I agree! I also swapped my Palmer's cocoa butter cream for the oil as I need all the moisture I can get now my bump is stretched so far!

I have also been continuing using incontinence pads.. yes my 'problem' I spoke about in my 31 week pregnancy update has continued haha! I have swapped to using some from Hartmann direct, I use the Moliform premium soft as they are a soft anatomically shaped pad. I really like these because they are so comfortable and give me peace of mind that I am protected. Hartmann direct have a great online tool you can use as well which helps you choose exactly the right product for you and your needs so you can be sure you're ordering the correct product.

The last product I have been loving was delivered just in time.. My Project b box 6! This is the 'nesting' box and was full to the brim with cleaning supplies which was a heavenly sight for me as I can't stop cleaning and nesting this week! I have used all the items in my box and loved them all, now my house is all nice and clean ready for our new arrival!

What were/are your third trimester must haves?

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