Friday 5 February 2016

Travel | Our perfect family holiday #markWarnerMum

Family holidays abroad were something I never experienced as a child and so it has always been something I wanted to try and do with my children at least once a year. My fiancĂ©, Warren, also agrees! We have been on a few UK/Wales holidays and short breaks so far with our 3 year old daughter, Sienna, however we wanted to wait until we had both our children (we've always known we only wanted 2) before we took a trip abroad. 

With our second daughter being due this month, this year seems the perfect time to plan our first ever family holiday abroad! Sienna has never flown before so it would be her first experience of being on a plane and I am pretty sure she would burst with excitement if we told her we were going on one!

Sienna is so adventurous and fearless and always has been, diving in head first with new experiences. She is independent, active and definitely knows what she likes and what she doesn't.. a bit like her Mummy I suppose ;) She is always asking to do some kind of activity and her absolute favourite thing is swimming which would make a sun/beach holiday the perfect thing for us. Sienna has only ever swam in a swimming pool so a gorgeous, sunny beach with sand and sea would be brilliant.. we don't get much of that in the UK!

Our perfect family holiday would be exploring the country we go to in every way we can and making it all about the learning as well as a lot of play! Sienna is very inquisitive and takes everything in, she loves learning and finding new things so is brilliant with new experiences, places and people. We are also all big foodies and love trying new foods (even Sienna) so it would be great to taste the different local foods while we were there.

We'd revel in the new experiences and of course, photograph and vlog the whole thing on my YouTube so we have the memories to look back on forever. It would be lovely to show the baby when she is old enough to look back on it too... she might not be old enough to really join in with much but I'd love to watch my family making fantastic, lifelong memories, having fun and making friends. It would be a great thing to really bond us as a family and just be together. I feel like it would be the perfect way of finally celebrating our completed family after painfully losing our son, Rocco during pregnancy in 2014.

*This is my entry into the Mark Warner Holidays’ Family Ambassador search for 2016. Find out more here.

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