Saturday, 27 February 2016

Mummy + Me // February 2016

Ahh I'm so excited to be posting pictures of me with my girls!! With Aria due on 20th there was a chance she wouldn't even be here for this months post but I'm so glad she is. These photos were taken on Wednesday when she was a week old.. we celebrated her turning a week old with a little walk to the park as we hadn't really been out of the house for the first week. 

It was so nice to get fresh air and get a little bit of a stretch on my legs! We took Piper too and she loved running around the field, she is really good at being off the lead now and she doesn't run off, she always comes back! It's like she has grown into a big sister too haha! 

Sienna had a little play in the park and loved it, it was so nice to have a little family walk.. by the way, I did take Aria in her stroller but I just got her out for the pictures! I absolutely love the photos.. they aren't perfect.. the lighting wasn't great and Sienna was a little grumpy from being at playgroup all day but they already hold great memories. I'm determined to take everything in as Aria grows up, it goes so fast I want to document everything so that means a lot of photo spam, sorry! 

I did also want to share these photos. They are not the most flattering of me but again they hold so many memories, these were the day Aria was born, the evening we got home so my first photos with both girls. Such special memories and Sienna was so excited! 

I can't wait to see how Aria has changed in next month's photos! 

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