Sunday 21 February 2016

Family of four | The labour & first few days

Family of four. It's so surreal that's what we are now, I feel like I have pictured it forever and it is finally reality which is amazing. 

That's the one word I'd use to describe the last few days... amazing. I am just so overwhelmed with all the love I feel towards my little family.. I'm so proud of what Warren and I have created.. not just our girls but our relationship, home and general family life. I have never been happier and finally feel content after all the heartache we've been through together to get to this point too. 

Once again, Warren was amazing throughout my labour, so supportive and he always stays so calm which must be hard when he can see how much pain I am in. It was harder and more painful than Sienna's, I definitely couldn't have done it with anyone else by my side.

A few people commented that you can see the relief in my face when I am given Aria in my birth video and I realise she is here, healthy and mine and that's exactly what I felt. Right up until the birth, I was nervous something was going to go wrong and we wouldn't get our happy ending so realising the worry can stop was such an overwhelming feeling, and still is.

I reacted badly to the injection they give you for the placenta just like I did after Sienna, so I only got a little skin to skin with Aria before I started throwing up and basically passed out for 2 hours. Warren was brilliant and looked after Aria while I was sleeping, getting her first nappy and outfit on, getting her weighed and cuddling her etc until I was well enough to even wake up. 

He's such a proud dad and such a natural with both girls, it just makes me fall in love with him all over again! It's the best feeling and the loveliest thing to watch.

Sienna absolutely loves her baby sister and has adjusted to the change so well. She is always asking to cuddle and kiss her and is so gentle with her (most of the time). She loves to help us and gets excited when it's a nappy change as she can do a lot more to help with that than she can other things such as feeding her or changing her clothes. She loves to get the changing mat, put a muslin cloth on it so it isn't cold, open a nappy and get some wipes and a nappy sack out. 

So far we haven't had much jealousy at all.. she does get a little frustrated when I ask her to wait for something as I'm busy with Aria but that is only natural as she's never had to really wait before, I've only had her to attend too! She understands a lot though and soon calms down. 

Aria has settled in so well.. she's such a good baby just like Sienna was.. so content and sleeps well considering she is only a few days old! The first night was hard, she was feeding from midnight until 6am and would cry every time I put her down but that is understandable, everything is so new the first night! It has slowly got better night after night which is reassuring and luckily Sienna is such a deep sleeper that Aria's screams haven't woken her once. 

Aria sleeps for most of the day meaning my 'routine' hasn't really changed which I think is important for Sienna. I even spent a few hours this afternoon on my own while Warren was at football and Sienna and Aria both napped at the same time.. woohoo! It has helped that Sienna has been on half term from playgroup as we have been able to have lazy mornings/days and settle into it not be rushing around or stressed.

These first few days have been (dare I say it) easier than I thought so far. I'm sure we will have our fair share of hard days in the future but it is so, so worth it. 

We have two darling daughter's, how lucky are we.

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