Monday 18 January 2016

Wedding update; ALL the details!

I thought it was about time I did a little wedding update as I haven't done one for a while and we have sorted out a few more things. I have suddenly started panicking that the wedding is in October and we're having a baby next month.. so I have been trying to get organised and plan as much as possible before baby girl comes as I know it will just be even harder with a newborn in tow! I have found a checklist and we are slowly checking things off.. sorry if this is a long one!

Deposit has been paid and we need to pay the rest by June which we are on track for so that's good! I'm so excited about our venue, it's so perfect for what we want and we won't need transport either as it's all in one place.

Guest list.
We have got our final guest list for the daytime and I think the evening.. we went through it last night! We have 54 in the day and about 140 in the evening, we can have  maximum of 150 so we might add a few people nearer the time.

We have also booked our registrar and have our meeting for the 'notice of marriage' at the end of the month. I had no idea what this was but apparently we have to meet with the registrar and take our passports etc and prove we are who we say we are and all that jazz! Our official ceremony time is 1:30pm!

Bridesmaids & flower girls.
I was only having one adult bridesmaid and then the girls as the flower girls however I have decided I am going to ask another friend if she would like to be bridesmaid as well. I hope she says yes ;) The bridesmaids are wearing burgundy/merlot but we haven't found a dress yet, I have been looking but haven't found anything that stands out. We are going for full length and either strapless or one shoulder, I prefer one shoulder though! For hair, we are going for a side messy bun.

We have ticked off the flower girl dresses (apart from baby girl's)..these are from Roco clothing and they are so perfect! I don't want to say too much but they fit nicely with my dress in some aspects so as soon as I saw them, I knew I needed them. They are embellished with flowers, have a pretty pearl waistband and a concealed zip. I love the skirt of them as well, so elegant and pretty and they're so affordable. I can't wait to see Sienna in hers, she's very excited! I'm trying to find some floral crowns for them to wear to add a bit of the colours in and I'm not sure what they will hold either. I don't know wether to do the traditional rose petals in a basket or get them little flower girl wands made with flowers. Sienna also has her faux fur cape to go over her dress and I need to get one for the other flower girl and something for baby girl! I am loving this little dress from Next at the moment.. I don't want anything too big or over the top as she will only be about 7 months so not even walking and it's October so I think she'll definitely need long sleeves!

We don't really need to choose any 'outside' vendors apart from our cake maker as the venue do all the catering and everything for us. They even have a florist they recommended to us who has really reasonable pricing so we are going to use her. I have found my perfect bouquet on Pinterest so I am hoping we can recreate that! For centre pieces, I really want tall flower arrangements however they are quite pricy, so I am waiting to see how we go with the budget! If I don't have the tall ones I will have little gold vases instead. We have chosen and booked our photographer as well which I'm so excited about!

I'm so glad that I already have my dress as that is a big weight lifted off me.. I just need to try and fit back into it after baby haha! It was 2 sizes too big when I bought it though so it should fit even if I don't manage to lose a lot of weight.. I will try my hardest though as I want it to look the same as it did when I found it!

We have also decided on exactly what cake we are going for. It's a bit unusual compared to a typical wedding cake so we don't want to ruin the surprise for the guests that are coming but I need to book with someone that can make it. We have a few options so I will meet with them and see which we think is best.

Hair & Make-up.
I have finally decided how I want my hair and I found an easy tutorial on YouTube for me to follow. I'm hoping to be able to do it myself but I need to get practising over the next few months. I am also doing my own make-up.. I have a rough idea of how I want it but I am on the hunt for the perfect wedding day lipstick and lashes! I need to get looking and start practising my make-up too.

Save the dates & invitations/stationary. 
Our save the dates have already been sent out. I made them myself on Vistaprint so they could look exactly how I want them and I will do the same with the invitations soon as well. I will make them to match. The venue do the menus and place settings for us which is fab, I just need to sort out the table plan when we have done the seating. I'm thinking of just getting a large mirror/photo frame and printing the table lists off myself.

Wedding rings.
Our wedding rings have been chosen and ordered. I need to go and pick them up and pay for them but I'm worried if I get them too soon I'll lose them haha! I love my ring so much I'd want to wear it straight away as well.. it was slightly over budget but Warren told me to just get it because he loved it too!

Groom & groomsmen outfits.
Groomsmen and best have been chosen and told but as far as outfit go I'm not even sure what I want them in! This is something we really need to think about and then they need to all go shopping!

Wedding day accessories. 
I have my shoes but I need to find my veil and most likely a new headband as well. I loved my one from BHS but unfortunately a stone has fallen out. I have super glued it twice and it just keeps happening so I think it's best to find a new one! I also need to get my garter and find some wedding jewellery but need to decide on what exactly I want!

Music & DJ.
We have chosen our songs for the ceremony and aisle,we just need to put them on an iPod playlist of CD. We aren't having anyone come in to do music in the evening.. the wedding venue play light music through their system for the meal and everything and then we are going to have Warren's DJ things set up in the evening and just put a playlist together. This way we can be in control of what songs are being played and we don't have to spend a fortune on a DJ when Warren is one! haha! It seemed a bit silly when we have all of the things for it sat at home.

We aren't sure if we're going to be able to afford a honeymoon but we are really going to try and save hard so we can have one. We are also going to ask guest for a contribution to the honeymoon instead of gifts as we don't need anything. We aren't too sure on location but would love to go to New york or maybe Australia (which is one of the hot honeymoon destinations for 2016 apparently!). It will be nice to have some real time alone as we rarely get that.. we are totally done with babies after baby girl comes though so it will definitely be all about the fun and not the baby making haha!

To stay organised from now on, I am using my wedding planner, Filofax and Filofax refillable notebook. I use my wedding planner to keep all of the products I have found, magazine clippings and inspiration, my Filofax has any appointments in such as notice of marriage or meeting with the florist/wedding co-ordinator and my notebook has lists of things to buy or remember to do. I've never had a Filofax before but it is now my life! It has everything in it I need to do and keeps me so organised and on top of everything. The notebook is also fab as it allows you too add, move or reposition the notepaper to your order and has moveable coloured index and page marker so you can really keep organised the way you like!

I think that has covered everything.. now I am panicking we still have so much to buy! Eek!

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