Wednesday 27 January 2016

Subtle grooming gifts for guys

Valentine's day is just around the corner. Your guy might not appreciate the hearts and flowers thing, but it is a great excuse to splash out on a few grooming gifts that might help you both out. Guys can be pretty lazy when it comes to stocking up on their own stuff. Any excuse to indulge him a little is an opportunity not to be missed. Here are a few ideas to freshen things up!

Shaving and scenting

If the man in your life is a committed beardy, and there are plenty around these days, why not invest in the whole beard grooming kit? There are some products out there that you wouldn't believe. Growing and maintaining that beard, more importantly, has become a real industry. Think trimmers and clippers, brushes and combs, even shampoo and beard oil. Keeping things out of the beard being the main object here!

Is he more of an occasional shaver? There is a big difference between the classic stubble look or something that looks a little more unkempt. Clippers and trimmers offer easy ways to keep stubble looking smarter. 

Hair removal anywhere can be a sensitive subject! Stop him using your products by investing in his own. A real clean shave can be an art itself. Dry shavers are popular, and if your guy has had one for a while, he’ll love a new model. 

Wet shaving is probably the closest you’ll get to that smooth feeling. The problem tends to be keeping blades fresh. They get worn out, and then you have to remember to buy more, or the whole business can become very uncomfortable. Get a good shaving razor and you could even have replacement blades delivered on a regular basis! This might be the perfect solution.

As this time in the bathroom might be the only time guys freshen up, it makes sense to provide a range of good skin moisturizer and aftershave options. They tend just to use up anything that is lying around, and this is your chance to give him some cologne that you really like. After all, it's you that has to put up with the cheap and cheerful Mum and Aunty Xmas stuff. He won't suspect and you’ll be secretly delighted.

Accessories to keep things trim

All manner of accessories can help him keep things trim and if they are there, and even better ‘His,’ he might just use them. Why not think about a nail grooming kit, with clippers, file and scissors while you are at it? You could do the whole male thing and get one that is leather and looks a little macho! Nose and ear trimmers could be desirable.

Body Massage

You might try and encourage a man with tension and tight shoulders, aches and pains to go and get a massage. But do they bother? It seems they’d rather let things take care of themselves. Preempt this by buying a massage voucher. Suddenly it will seem like a great idea. You will know that he’s going to come back feeling chilled and relaxed and wondering why on earth he didn't do it before.

A few subtle gifts can mean months of more fragrant pleasure and a man that starts to enjoy the art of grooming. Not a bad alternative to hearts and flowers! You never know, he might reciprocate.

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