Friday 29 January 2016

Skincare tips you shouldn't ignore

Taking care of your skin as early on as possible is so important. Not only will you fight off aging for longer, you’ll look much healthier too. The skin is the largest organ in the body, so it’s essential we keep it healthy. Here are the skincare tips you shouldn’t ignore:

Never Sleep With Your Makeup On

If you’ve ever slept with your makeup on, you’ve committed a crime against skin! You should never sleep with your makeup on, even if you’ve had too much to drink and you just want to go to sleep. Always have makeup wipes by your bed so you can at least use those to get it off if you’re especially tired.


Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise Twice a Day

You should properly cleanse, tone, and moisturise twice a day to make sure your skin is fresh. You may not be able to see the debris that it’s picking up from all over, but it’s there! You should do it once in the morning and once before bed. If you go to the gym, it’s a good idea to cleanse afterwards too. You may need to change your routine slightly when the season changes, so bear that in mind. For instance, winter might call for a richer moisturiser.

Use Products Made for Your Skin Type

Make sure you know your skin type and use products made for it to get the best results. If you have oily skin, for instance, you wouldn’t go using products made for dry. You’ll only make your skin worse! Make sure you know exactly what you should be using on your skin and what you shouldn’t. Dermalogica skincare is world renowned to be some of the best products for skin out there.

Change Your Pillowcases Often

Your pillowcases can carry a lot of dirt and debris too. Make sure you change your pillowcases often to avoid transferring things back to your face. If you have particularly bad skin, you might find it helpful to change it at least every other day.

Eat Right and Drink Lots of Water

If you want to make a big difference to your skin, the things you put on it are one thing. The things you do from the inside can be so much more important. You need to eat right and drink lots of water if you want to make a difference to your skin health wise. Make sure you’re eating a ton of vegetables. You can also take supplements to help you get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. 2-3 litres of water a day should be enough to help you clear your skin.

Although these points can all help you to improve your skin when used consistently, you may not have perfect skin for a while. You need to make sure you’re using the tip for at least a few months to see how your skin clears up in the process. If you still have problems, then it could be time to see a doctor to see if there are any underlying issues.

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