Thursday 21 January 2016

Post-baby, pre-wedding beauty & hair

With my due date less than 5 weeks away (eek!), I am already looking forward to getting back to the old me. Having more energy, slimming down my body and just generally taking more pride in my appearance again ready for our wedding in October. I have already done a post on my plans to lose the baby weight if you want to take a look, so today I thought I'd talk a bit about the beauty and hair side of things. 

Pregnancy really changes my hair and skin so I'm glad I have about 7 months to try and get it back to normal! I suffered quite bad with the postpartum hair loss with Sienna so I'm expecting it again, which isn't ideal considering I want my hair in the best condition for the wedding! I am going to be trialling these Matrix Biolage FullDensity products. It's a thickening hair system that uses biotin, Zinc PCA and Gluco-Omega to fortify each strand and reduce hair breakage. I'm hoping it works! 

In terms of my skin, I suffer with breakouts wether pregnant or not but during the first trimester of this pregnancy, I really got back breakouts on my face and chest that have left some red marks on the skin. I'd really love to get a few treatments of Microdermabrasion in before the wedding just to help fade them and give my skin a nice glow and smooth texture for the big day. 

I am also going to focus on getting some good nutrients and vitamins into my skin via superfood smoothies and juices. I received the JML Nutri-Blitzer before Christmas to review and have been loving it! It is dubbed a fast and easy way to get nutrients into your body. The extraction blade pulverises seeds, leaves, skins, stems, rind and peels so there is no waste and all the goodness. 

We regularly have green smoothies to get our spinach in which we love but I never used to branch out and use different ingredients. The Nutri-blitzer came with this 160 page recipe book which is amazing and I have been loving getting different fruits into our smoothies. Not only does it have yummy juices and smoothies but recipes for pancakes and even savoury meals such as the Coconut & lime peanut chicken. 

As well as the recipe book, the set also includes 700W power base, 2 x 650ml short cups, 1 x 900ml tall cup, 2 x easy drink handles, 1 extraction cross blade, 1 flat milling blade and 2 lids making it fantastic value for money. 

I'm hoping these things will help me bring back my glowing skin, hair and nails ready for the big day! It seems to be coming round so quick now!

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