Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New car for Mama

You may have seen on my Instagram that I got a new car! I really needed a new mummy motor as mine was falling apart.. I actually didn't realise how bad it was, it was pretty unsafe and would have cost me a lot of money at the end of this month when the MOT came round so it's a good job I got rid of it! 

My new car isn't anything too fancy.. it's a Ford Fiesta and it isn't brand new but it is safe for the kids, has 5 doors, a big boot and gets me from A to B so that's all I need! It's silver just like my old car so Sienna hasn't really noticed the difference haha. She wasn't with me when I picked it up, so when she came home from playgroup I said I had a new car and she didn't understand. Bless her! 

As you know, we are currently saving hard for our wedding so it was a big decision to get a new car as we couldn't really afford it but having a safe car for the kids is an essential really so we had to do something. We looked at our options but actually ended up getting the car on finance. For us, it was better to spread the cost over the months than to have to take a big chunk out of the wedding fund all at once.

If you are looking at getting car finance, having a good credit score is essential. Stoneacre have created this infographic below to show what you can do to get the best finance deals. We actually tried to get a new car for me before Christmas however we were rejected because of moving house in September and not being on the electoral roll. Luckily things have settled down now so we were accepted again but making sure these things are settled before applying is crucial. 

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