Saturday 30 January 2016

Mummy + Me // January 2016

Please excuse how large I look but we are on the 3 week count down until due date starting tomorrow so I guess I can't expect much else, haha! At least Sienna looks cute, hey!

I can't believe this is probably my last month of Mummy + Me being just us two! Next month we may well have another tiny little girl in the pictures, eek so exciting!

I have been trying to spend quality time with Sienna this past week and trying to really savour it being just us two on our 'Mummy & Sienna days' when she isn't at playgroup. I'm a bit sad to think I'm going to have juggle my time but hopefully Sienna will understand and she will like that her new baby sister can join in with us!

I'm so excited to see how she is as a big sister and how she responds to the baby. She is asking me daily now if the baby will be here tomorrow and each day I say probably not haha! I think she will be so excited when I can finally tell her that the baby is coming and she can meet her soon. I can't wait to see my two girls together!

These photos were taken when she got back from a day at playgroup so she was in a tired/silly mood and not wanting photos! I had to include this outtake because it's so funny!

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