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Managing nutrition while pregnant

It’s no secret that nutrition is even more important when pregnant. “Eating for two” isn’t just a catchy saying that allows you to stuff your face with as much food as you want, after all. Whatever you eat, you need to consider its effects not only on your body. A developing baby has very specific needs as well as things we should cut from our diet, cravings be damned. We want to give just a few tips on how to manage your nutritious diet while pregnant. This includes what you can and can’t eat as well as how to keep on top of all the food you need.

1)      What to eat
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We all have all sorts of cravings when we’re pregnant. It’s okay to indulge these cravings now and then, not to mention impossible to ignore, sometimes. All the same, consider this guide we have on what’s best to consider eating during pregnancy to keep mother and baby healthy. Babycenter goes into detail on all of the specific benefits, but a quick list of things to try keep in mind includes the following:
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Whole grains
  • Walnuts
  • Greek yogurts
  • Dark, green, leafy vegetables
  • Lean meats
  • Colourful fruits and vegetables

If you want more nutrition, health and safety guides just remember we have lots more articles on pregnancy to help you with every step of the way.

2)      What not to eat
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No doubt the list above already has your mouth watering. Equally important to consider, however, are the foods you really shouldn’t be eating when you’re pregnant. With your developing baby, you are both open to new risks as far as diet is concerned. The NHS has a good list of what to avoid. Some of them won’t be so surprising such as caffeine and raw meats. Others, such as soft cheeses and smoked fish, are a bit less obvious. These aren’t just foods that are naturally healthy, but those that are specifically bad for developing babies, so take them in mind.

3)      Getting the ingredients you need
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With the kind of specific foods you need, it can be hard to keep yourself stocked. Pregnant as you are, it’s not exactly easy to go on continuous shopping trips to keep yourself well supplied. You will need to keep replenishing your stock of fruits, vegetables and the right dairy products. In most places, you will find your local grocers can offer scheduled deliveries. As for meat, it can be harder to find and acquire the right kind of lean meats when you need them. We recommend using a service that can deliver the right meat in bulk so you can keep your meals for the week frozen. There are some services such as Donald Russell that offers these exact services.

We hope this guide helps you manage the diet best for you and baby. Nutrition can be hard to keep on top of In the best of times. Adding a pregnancy to the mix naturally makes it all the harder. Just keep a tab on this page when you’re considering what to have for your meals and create your own checklist when shopping.

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