Wednesday 20 January 2016

6 skincare mistakes you are making

Contrary to popular opinion (I think) looking after your skin, I mean REALLY looking after your skin is hard work. It requires time, dedication and perseverance as well as trial and error whilst you find the right products. However, there are some small changes you could make to your routines and diets that will ensure healthy, glowing skin for years to come.


I have one thing to say to you – and that, my friend is “bacteria”. It’s all too easy to climb into bed at the end of the day thinking ‘just once won’t hurt’; but even if you wash your face the next night, have you stopped to consider the aftermath from your night off that is left on the pillowcase?

Makeup, hair products and oil can all leave deposits on pillowcases that will transfer onto our skin, and creating an environment that bacteria will thrive on, and the results will impact our skin negatively. 

Even if you have invested in the beauty Holy Grail, aka a satin pillowcase – you are not exempt from this issue. One of the best beauty regimes you can begin is washing your pillowcase 2-3 times each week to prevent bacteria multiplying. 


Along with almost every other part of your body, smoking is incredibly damaging to the skin. It deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients, leaving you with a dull and sallow complexion. Along with the wrinkles around your lips and drop in collagen production, smoking also effects your sleep, which is another aspect that is crucial when trying to achieve the perfect complexion. 

“The nicotine in cigarettes can actually disrupt your predetermined biological rhythm, disrupting sleep patterns and causing you to wake frequently” Darren Sharples from Cloudstix tells us, “Many people are switching to products like ours because they are able to choose a lower level of nicotine and regain a full night’s sleep whilst stopping smoking altogether”

Not Eating Papaya

Whether you mash it up and put it on your face, have it in a smoothie or as a snack it doesn’t matter (or a combination of all 3!). Just start using it religiously! Papaya is rich in Vitamin A, C E and K as well as a plethora of other antioxidants and nutrients. Think of any skincare issue you may have; be it wrinkles, dull complexion, dry or blemishes – Papaya is a hidden secret and doesn’t discriminate about what it treats. 

Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is literally the life blood of our very being. Our skin is our largest is comprised of 64% water and maintaining its hydration has a wealth of benefits; increased blood flow results in a brighter complexion, also resulting is wrinkles and pores being less prominent. An adequate amount of water intake also lessens those pesky blemishes from appearing as the concentration of oil on our skin decreases. 

There is such a things as drinking too much water though, so sticking to 2 litres a day is best; avoid adding extra sugar in the form of squash and instead go for fruit tea bags or pieces of fruit for some flavour! It’s best to consume your increased intake throughout the day rather than a short period of time as our bodies can only absorb so much and getting through it quickly can mean it will be got rid of before we reap the benefits!

Avoiding SPF All Year Round

UV rays are damaging; REALLY, Really damaging. The ozone layer is quickly fading away and we need to protect our delicate skin. That glowing tan is very short lived but wrinkles, age spots premature aging lasts forever. 

I’m not suggesting that you slather on thick, greasy formula every day - that would be a makeup base NIGHTMARE! There’s really no excuse because many moisturisers, primers and foundations all come with an SPF factor for you to take advantage of. 

Professional photographer, Danny Ackerley offers some professional advice, “There tends to be a real worry amongst women, especially brides, about wearing make with SPF when they are having photos taken but I have never come across the issue. An issue COULD occur with a flash indoors, but if you are having photos taken outdoors wearing SPF is a far better option than risking having sunburn in your photos!”

Cleansing Your Face the Wrong Way Round

If like me, you have been washing your face then cleansing afterwards, we’ve been doing it all wrong! Experts are advising to ensure your face is REALLY clean you should remove your make up with an oil based product before removing remainder with warm water and cleanser. This ensure that all make up and sunscreen residue is removed – allowing your sin to breathe and repair overnight.

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