Wednesday 13 January 2016

4 reasons why your parents are awesome

Where would us young mums and dads be without our parents? Well, we wouldn’t exist, of course. But, philosophical musings aside, they are such an important part of our lives. And, it becomes ever more apparent when you have children yourself. After seeing so much of the family over Christmas, I thought I would offer up some thanks to all those grandparents out there that do such an excellent job. Here are four reasons why i believe that they are awesome.

They’ve been there before

No matter how hard you find it with your little ones, you can always count on great advice from your folks and your in-laws. They have been there before, after all, and have years of experience that you can draw from. I’ve lost count of the times I have been given fantastic advice on how to deal with the tough moments every young parent goes through. And, I am pretty sure there will be much more to come. Forget about reading a million books on why your baby isn’t sleeping, or why they aren’t eating properly, as they all tell you different things. Just ask your mum, and often, they will come up with the goods time and time again.

They offer incredible support

Just having someone there on the phone is vital for young mums. When things get a little too much, who else are you going to turn to other than your parents? They are always there, always happy to lend a hand, and don’t think twice about offering help and support. Need a break? They’ll have the kids over for a night. Feeling low? They’ll come round and lend a hand, while you take a nice soak in the bath. Are the kids playing up? They will give them the distraction they need and give you a breather.

It’s all for love

All that support, of course, comes with no expectations in return. It’s all because they love you and your kids, and nothing else. So, make sure that you remember to give them a little thank you every now and again. Those Mother’s Day flowers have never been given with so much love and appreciation, I can tell you! Although, putting a twenty behind the bar at your dad’s local might be more appropriate for Father’s Day.

They help you realise what’s important

Our children’s grandparents grew up in much simpler times than we have. When you think about modern life, it’s a constant bombardment of, well, pretty much everything. We’re ‘always on’ with our smartphones, and there is a lot of pressure to look good all the time. Plus, everywhere you look there are guides to self-improvement, or how to be a better person. But, at the end of the day, none of this is important, and it’s our parents that help us remember this more than anyone else. Family, a simple life, and a whole lotta love are all you need to get by.

OK, so that’s all from me - have you got anything to add? What makes your parents so special in your life, and have those bonds you have grown stronger since you had your children?

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