Thursday 31 December 2015

Me & Mine: December 2015

We always try to get a family portrait done around Christmas time as I love looking back at the years and seeing how we've changed, which is the point of these monthly posts as well. This was taken on Christmas Eve as we had a rather lazy day and had time to try and get a good shot! Believe it or not the first shot we took was the best.. before Sienna got bored and annoyed haha! Piper isn't looking so we did try to get some more but they turned out even worse..

I love Sienna's face in the second one, if only Warren and Piper were looking! haha! I wish we'd got some of us stood up so you could see my bump as I feel like it's hidden a bit apart from the last one where Sienna has her hand on it, so cute! 

I can't wait to start next year's Me & Mine series.. We will hopefully only have January's without baby girl in them! 

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