Monday 28 December 2015

Christmas 2015

We've had such a fab Christmas, of course it all started on Christmas Eve. Sienna received her Christmas Eve box and we spent all day at home doing the crafts and everything out of that and generally just getting excited for the big day! We had a lovely family day, it was so nice to all be together with no real plans just going with the flow. 

The evening was very exciting.. Sienna got to speak to Santa on the phone and her little face was priceless! She was super excited and couldn't believe she was speaking to him. I thought it would make her too excited to sleep, but no she was so excited to go to sleep so Santa would come. She was asleep so fast! 

We put together her balance bike in the evening and set out all her presents. We were really excited to see her in the morning.. her stocking was hung on her bedroom door but typically we were awake before her! I was shouting to her and nothing.. until about 10 minutes later I just heard 'Mummy my stocking is too heavy to carry' haha! Bless her! She bought it into our room for her to open all the presents.

She opened them so fast so she could go downstairs to see if there were anymore presents for he runner the tree. Luckily she had been a good girl and there was ;) 

 We opened her presents, had some breakfast and played with a few of her games before getting ready in our Christmas jumpers/outfits! 

We spent the rest of the day/evening at my mums opening more presents, eating, drinking and chatting! We got home about 7:30 as Sienna hadn't napped and was so tired from a busy day but she did so well! Piper was also worn out and ended up cuddled with her new bear :)

We had such a lovely Christmas and I hope you did too! 

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