Sunday 20 December 2015

Blogmas day 20: Christmas football meal & Sienna's Christmas party

Last night we had the football Christmas meal for Warren's team and it was really nice! We went to a local pub where one of our friends in the chef and so the food is always delicious! We had a 'dress code' of Christmas jumpers so I wore my embellished Superdry one.. not the most fun but it's the only one that fits at the moment and I already feel like I stand out with my massive belly so I wanted something a bit more subtle haha. We did go to the pub afterwards with the rest of them but not for long as my brother was babysitting and told me Sienna was still awake at midnight.. eek! That is not like her at all but he has never babysat her before so maybe she just felt a bit unsure?

We put her straight to bed when we got in and she fell asleep straight away until 7:30 this morning so it wasn't too bad. She's actually been in quite a good mood today considering she only got half the sleep she normally does. We had a little Christmas party to go to in our town today so Sienna got all dressed up. She wore her tutu from F&F and I got her this little reindeer top yesterday in peacocks which is so cute! She had a nap before we went but still woke up a bit tired (not surprising) so she sat on my lap for most of it but towards the end she did get a little dance in. She also met Santa and a got a little present which was nice.

I uploaded a vlog yesterday as well if you want to check that out below!

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