Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blogmas Day 15: Sienna's Christmas eve basket!

Christmas eve basket

I love doing a Christmas eve box for Sienna and I'm so excited already that next year I will have 2 little girlies to do one for! I was originally going to do Sienna a 'Frozen' themed Christmas eve box this year however everything I had planned to get to put in it, she got for her birthday! So I have just gone for the traditional style instead. 

Christmas eve basket

As she got her new Hatley Christmas pjs a few weeks ago, I didn't want to put another pair in her box so I went for a red dressing gown and matching Christmas penguin blanket instead. These are both from Peacocks so were fab value for money and are so cute! They are super soft and snuggly, perfect for Christmas eve night and Christmas morning. 

Christmas eve basket

I got her some crafty bits that we can do throughout the day.. some Christmas paper chains, a colour your own wooden tree decoration, some magic snow (all from a garden centre) and some Christmas stickers (from Morrisons). I put in some antlers (also from Morrisons) she can wear throughout the day while doing the crafts and some Christmas balloons that I had leftover from last year, I think they were from a pound shop.

Christmas eve basket

I got the decorate your own gingerbread men from Tesco to include instead of a gingerbread house.. I think we will attempt that next year! And of course I wanted to try and find some Frozen goodies for her. I got her the colour change facecloth (Morrisons), Frozen Fever DVD (Tesco) and a little carry along colouring set (99p store). 

I think she will love everything in it and I can't wait to give it to her, I'm getting so excited! 

Here's the basket in video form if you want to see anything in closer detail..

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